Preparing for our Second Baby

I cannot believe how quickly this pregnancy is going by. I am officially in my third trimester now! We are all so excited to welcome this baby girl into our lives and while three months still seems like a lot of time, I know it will go by so quickly.

I feel like since this is our second baby, there is not a ton extra that we have to buy, but I have been loving to look around and pick out a few special things just for her. When we had my son, we purposefully chose gender-neutral baby gear in order to be able to use them for any future children we may have. And I feel like we did the same this time as well while throwing in a few really girly things. ;)

Now that things are beginning to get closer to meeting our sweet baby girl, I am feeling the pressure to begin rounding up all of our baby gear from our son and fill in the pieces with things that I feel are needed for this baby (and of course, I want to get her a few special things of her own as well.) Here are a few of the things I have gathered for her preparation.

*These items have been gifted in exchange for an honest review. As always, all opinion are 100% my own.

DockATot Deluxe 

When I began thinking of the things that I wanted to get for our second baby, the first thing to come to my mind was a DockATot. We used a DockATot Grand (used for babies 9-36 months old) for my son when he was older and moving out of his crib and it was a lifesaver. I have constantly heard many good things about the DockATot Deluxe (used for babies 0-8 months old) and wanted to try it out since we had so much success with the larger one for our son. The DockATot is a multifunctional lounger that is made from 100% cotton and has been tested for breathability (something that is super important to consider when looking for a place for baby to sleep) I can’t wait to see her sleeping in her little DockATot!

Ollie Swaddle

The second thing that I wanted to try with her was the OllieSwaddle. My son loved to be swaddled and we found we had the best success in keeping him snug and cozy when we used a swaddle with Velcro to close it. One reason that I really wanted to try the Ollie Swaddle is because it has the ability to open the bottom for diaper changes without unswaddling baby (perfect for those middle of the night diaper changes!) It is also made from a moisture-wicking material to prevent baby from overheating (which is something that I was constantly checking on when I swaddled my son).

Binxy Baby Shopping Hammock

The other thing that I felt was a must for baby number 2 is the Binxy Baby Shopping Hammock! This little hammock creates a safe place for baby to lounge while you shop. I love that it can also hold the infant car seats up out of the basket so you can still go shopping and fit more than 3 things in your cart. It rolls up into a small size that you can easily fit into your shopping bag and stretches to fit most shopping cart sizes! That way you can have your toddler sitting in the front and your baby lounging over the basket and still have room for all of your groceries!

Milk Snob Cover

The next item is something that I wished I had with my son. Milk Snob Covers are a 5-in-1 nursing cover that can be used for nursing, covering the car seat, covering a shopping cart seat, covering a high chair in a restaurant, and covering an infant swing. I love all of their adorable designs they offer and that I was finally able to find a cute nursing cover (all of the ones I found when I was nursing my son were no where near as cute!) I know this cover will get a ton of use even if it is only used for a nursing cover and car seat cover!

KB Cute Knotted Gown

Moving on to things she can wear! Even before I became pregnant, I fell in love with the look and design of KB Cute Designs knotted gowns! And let me tell you, they do not disappoint! The material is so incredibly soft and the patterns and colors are absolutely gorgeous! And I love that I can simply untie the knot at the end for a quick diaper change. I can’t wait for her to wear this! It is absolutely stunning and so incredibly soft, I may have to get a few more and she may or may not live in these for a while, haha.

SweetNSwag Moxfords

The last thing I got in preparation of her arrival is an adorable pair of light pink Moxfords from SweetNSwag. I specifically went with this brand because I remember it being the first place I purchased my son a pair of gray Moccasins and I thought it would be so special to get her a pair from them as well! I absolutely love the color and am so excited to see them on her tiny feet.

While that is not all that I have done or purchased so far for her preparation, it is a few of my favorites. I have many other things that I plan to do in preparation for her and now that I am in my third trimester I am feeling the urgency much stronger than I did before. But I plan to not overwhelm myself with things that I feel “must” get done that may or may not necessarily “need” to be done. I simply want to enjoy our time as a family of three, especially my days at home with just my son and I, while preparing a few things for her arrival to make her feel loved and welcome and to make that transition of adding another family member easier on the family.

What is something that you did that you feel is absolutely necessary to prepare for another baby? Leave a comment and let me know!


Family Summer Goals

Have you ever woken up early on a gorgeous morning and thought to yourself, how is it already (fill in the blank)?

I did that this morning. I woke up at 5:30am to use the restroom (hello pregnancy!) and it hit me, it was almost summer! We have been having gorgeous weather here lately (like in the 80s….where its normally over 100 degrees in the summer) and I’m sad to say we haven’t been taking advantage of it as much as I wish we had.

So, I knew I wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep, so I got up to start the coffee and spend some time with Jesus. After that I decided to make a plan for our summer….our last summer as a family of 3! You can think of it kind of like a bucket list or a to-do list, but I’m mostly using this as a space to write out my thoughts (pregnancy brain has not been kind to me this time, haha) and ideas for this summer before we welcome our baby girl.


Our Gender Reveal Party: We are Having a Girl!

We are having a baby girl!!

I seriously was completely surprised you guys! We are all so excited, even my 3-year-old son can’t wait to meet his baby sister!

We had our gender reveal party on Saturday, March 24th. We had actually gone to the ultrasound appointment a week before so it was really hard knowing we had the results and I just had to wait. But my friend who took the results and did the reveal for us was amazing at keeping it a secret even when I tried to get some clues out of her, haha.

I wanted to keep the party theme simple (but I do love decorating for a party!) so I went with the theme “How I wonder what you are”. Here is a photo of our set up! Isn’t it pretty! Don't mind the empty bowl haha, we filled it with salsa soon after I took this picture ;) 


I’m Pregnant! | First Trimester Update

So it's been a while since I’ve written much here (I’ve been slightly more active on my YouTube, but even that has been quiet for a while now).

If you haven’t heard our exciting news yet, we are expecting baby number 2! I haven’t said much about this because it was really just very difficult for me to try to discuss, but my husband and I have been trying for another baby for almost 2 years now, so we are so excited and are trusting in God’s perfect timing with this baby.


4 Tips to Decorate your Christmas Tree with your Toddler

 It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Well inside anyway; it was still 80 degrees outside this past weekend!

Now that thanksgiving is over, I spent a day taking down all of my fall decorations and cleaning the house. Then it was 100% focus on Christmas! This is our first Christmas in our new apartment so I was pretty excited to figure out where we wanted the Christmas tree. This is also the first year that our 2 ½ year old seems more aware of what is going on. He recognized the Christmas tree decorations and got very excited to put up the tree.


Fall Capsule Wardrobe and Life Lately

Hey you guys!

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve published a blog post! And as you can see things have changed a little on the blog! I have been in the process of moving my blog over to where you are reading this now and most of my attention has been on creating YouTube videos! What!? I know that's still what I say when I think about it, haha.

A friend who does the occasional video was talking to me about starting to create videos because I was interested in filming a video on what’s in my fall capsule wardrobe. So I decided to give it a try and have since been doing more and more videos! I honestly love creating them! I will attach the two videos that I created first.


4 Hair Styles to Wear with a Hat

Hey ya’ll! How are you doing? We have been enjoying our summer. Living in Southern California, it doesn’t start cooling down until October, but I have decided not to complain and to just think of it as extra time to spend swimming with my son (he went from somewhat enjoying the pool to absolutely loving it this year so I’ve been trying to take him as much as possible).

Today’s post idea came to me because of my love of wearing hats and a comment from a friend who said she likes the idea of wearing hats, but never knows what to do with her hair that actually looks cute and not like she isn’t trying. So, here are 4 ways to style your hair with a hat! In these pictures, my hair hits a little below my shoulders. I have since cut it even shorter and I can still do all of these!