Outside Adventures

My poor son doesn't get to go outside to play very often. Last summer, I would make sure to take him outside to get some vitamin D for at least 15 minutes a day. But once it began to get cold, we would only venture out for quick outings.

Today the weather was gorgeous! It was about 60 degrees; so I put a sweatshirt over my sons long sleeve shirt and put a warm hat on him. (He looked super cute and, of course, I was wearing cropped yoga pants, a super baggy tee with a sweatshirt over it, my hair is in a crazy messy half bun but is too short to really go into a real bun so half is awkwardly hanging out, and I’m wearing $5 UGG looking ankle boots from a drug store that I wear as slippers. Adorable, right? ;) Let’s just say I did not plan to see anyone or to stay outside for long. And I HAD just done a 60-minute workout while he was napping and hadn’t had time to shower yet.) I also ended up taking his hat off once I realized that 60 degrees is NOT freezing ;)

Outside Adventures

So anyway, I scooped him up and grabbed his favorite ball and went outside to my apartment’s common grassy area. (This is also why I don’t go outside much. I don't have my own back yard, so anyone who lives in the complex could look outside and see us…which is just totally weird to me. But, we needed to get some fresh air.)

I plopped him down right in the middle of the grass and handed him his ball…and he just sat there, looking around, for probably 5 minutes. (He was probably in shock… "what is this outside world that you have spoken of but never taken me out into"…) I took like 50 pictures of him because he looked super cute. And then he remembered that the grass could be pulled and put into his mouth. =\ He quickly got up and took off to an (apparently better) grassy area he had spotted across the yard. From there he saw the pool (don’t worry, it's fenced in). He was super cute because he would grab onto the fence and just stare at the pool. We did take him in a few times last summer and it really makes me wonder if he remembers or if he just thinks it's a HUGE bathtub (This kid LOVES LOVES LOVES bath time!).

Looking at the pool

We spent the rest of the 15 minutes walking around while he tried to put various objects into his mouth and I followed behind him trying to let him explore but keep him safe (and stop him from putting everything in his mouth).

I want to take him out more so he can explore and learn, especially since it will be nice for maybe one more month and then it will just be HOT! I plan to research a few fun activities for him to do at his age (almost 1!) I don’t know what to do when we go outside. He didn't end up playing with his ball at all (although as soon as we walked inside that was all he wanted) but he seemed fine to just walk around and try to eat everything, ha!

What fun things do you do with your kids/family outside that might be fun for him at this age? I would love to hear it! :)

With love, Sheila

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  1. You are going to love looking back at this in a year or two! He's super cute!!