A letter to my Son

I came across an idea on Pinterest as I was searching baby things the day I found out I was expecting my son. It was this idea to start a journal for each child. I immediately went out and bought a special journal so that I could document my feelings and special memories during my pregnancy.

I wrote an entry that day and a few others throughout my pregnancy, such as when we found out he was a boy. Later, I went in and wrote about his birthday. I told him about our life when he turned two months and again at six months. I have even added a few photos (including an ultrasound). Mostly, I just tell him how much I love him and am so blessed to be his mama.

You are ONE

Today, I wrote him a letter for his first birthday. I shared some special memories and just described our daily life so that one day when I give him this journal, he can read it and know how much joy he brought my husband and I.

I told him that this year has been one of the HARDEST years of my life, but it was also the BEST year!

I told him that I look forward to many more of the best years to come.

I shared a memory of his first night earth side, how I just held him and stared at his huge cheeks and perfectly shaped lips, and how even after the nurses came and told me I should get some sleep, I just held him for a while longer, staring at him in silence.

I told him that there were many times that I just sat and cried with him because I could not figure out what it was that he was wanting.

I told him that ALL of my photos and videos on my phone were of him and that after he would fall asleep at night, I would look at the photos and watch the videos and that I would miss him even though he was sleeping in the other room.

I shared a memory of him first learning how to roll over on his own and how I ran up to him screaming with excitement that I scared him just a little.

I told him how he made me so excited about the little things in life because I wanted to show them to him.

I told him that I love how he twists his hair around his finger when I am nursing him to sleep.

I told him that hearing him walk around saying “mama” can get me out of a bad mood and that I have to run over to him and scoop him up and smother him with kisses.

I told him that I love that he gets so excited when it’s bath time that he will drop what he is doing and run screaming to the bathtub.

I told him that no matter what or how old he is; he will ALWAYS be my baby!

Today, my baby is ONE, and I don’t want to forget a single moment!

With love, Sheila

A Letter to my Son


  1. I love this idea. I started my blog as "letters" to my daughter, too. Such a sweet thing to do!

  2. I love that they will be able to look back on it one day and read what we were thinking and feeling. Such special memories for them to read :)

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  4. […] At the beginning of the month, we celebrated my son’s birthday. You can read the letter that I wrote him on his birthday, here. […]