Airplane First Birthday Party

At the beginning of the month, we celebrated my son’s birthday. You can read the letter that I wrote him on his birthday, here.

I can’t believe that it has already been a month since we celebrated my son turning one! We were so blessed to have many friends and family come out and celebrate with us! It was so nice to be surrounded by so many people who were there to support us in our first year of parenthood.

First Birthday Invite Photo

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I had been planning the party since my son was about six months old! Well, I began looking for ideas on Pinterest around that time. I finally decided to go with the idea of airplanes when I was at the church that I grew up in, nursing my son in the nursery. They had a little wooden airplane hanging in a corner and I LOVED it! (We were even able to borrow the airplane from the nursery to take photos for his invitations!) I then decided on dark blue, light blue, orange, and white as the colors. I was able to find many free printables on Pinterest that went with my theme, but many of the decorations I made myself. (Many of the decorations were some of the MANY pictures that I took of him throughout his first year.)

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First Birthday Invite Pic

The day of his party we were blessed with gorgeous weather! It did start raining a little, but it didn't last long and we were all back outside. We enjoyed lunch together and even had a small ball pit for the kids to play in. When I was planning the party I was only thinking there would be about five kids, but there ended up being many more and it was so fun seeing them all there! We also had a "make your own paper airplane" station that included paper and crayons. It was fun to see what the kids drew on their planes. Then they could take it for a test flight and try to land it into a laundry basket.

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We then sang “happy birthday” and were all excited to watch my son dig into his cake, but he was NOT interested at all! (What!? Who doesn't like cake??) I think he was a little shocked by how many people were there watching and singing at him. After he got frosting ALL over this clothes and only took ONE bite, we went inside, cleaned up, and opened presents. I was sure that by that point my son would be so tired that he would be super grumpy and cranky. But he just sat on my husband’s lap and played with his new toys as we opened them. It was super sweet! :)

First Birthday Smash Cake

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As the guests left, they got to take home a candy "airplane"! These were really a hit with all the kids. (My friend told her son that they couldn't have one until they left and her son asked if they could leave yet so he could have one. Haha! She made an exception and let him have one ;) ) Overall, it was such a fun day and I was pretty happy with how all my hard work at the DIY decorations turned out. I enjoyed seeing my ideas come together for everyone to enjoy and to celebrate my son's first year.  It was so fun seeing all our close family and friends come to celebrate with us! I still can’t believe my baby is one! :)

Do you enjoy throwing parties and doing most of the decorations yourself? Did you have a big first birthday party for your kids? What theme did you choose?

with love, Sheila


  1. So cute! I love DIY projects. My daughter will be turning 1 next month. It' coming so quick I'm barely planning it now ekkk.

  2. It's crazy how quickly their birthday sneaks up on you!

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