Closet Purge!

You can read part one about why I became interested in a capsule wardrobe here! This topic has turned into somewhat of a series. In this post, I will tell you how I took the steps to purge my closet and then in the next post, I will show you how I created my spring capsule.

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Closet Purge:

  • The first thing I did in my capsule wardrobe journey was take all of the clothing I own and throw it on my bed so I would have a fresh place to start. I wanted my closet completely empty before I began choosing clothes.

[caption id="attachment_183" align="aligncenter" width="600"]IMG_4673 ALL these hangers once had clothes on them![/caption]

[caption id="attachment_175" align="aligncenter" width="600"]IMG_4674 Crazy, I know! I just took everything and threw it on my bed![/caption]

  • Then, I separated everything into either a summer or a winter category (we don’t have much of a spring or a fall here…just hot or cold, haha. But if you do, you might want to have a separate spring and fall category.)

  • From there, I started three piles for each season; donate, like, and love. Once that was done, I boxed up the like and love piles that were in not in the current season I was planning for. I then put the donate pile into a bag to give away.


  • Then I began looking through my “love” pile. I began trying items on to make sure they fit and if they did, I put them in my capsule pile. I did the same with the other pile. Once I finished trying on each item in both piles, I boxed up everything else that didn't comfortably fit me and put it in storage.

You can take these four steps to begin your capsule wardrobe journey. Once the initial closet purge is over and you have your clothes that you actually like in storage by seasons, then you can begin planning out your capsule wardrobe! Make sure that you take your time with this project. Don't try to rush it all into an hour. Take the time to decide on what items to keep and what to donate. I usually will get rid of something that I haven't worn in over a year (usually those are the items that I quickly picked up at Target just because it was on sale...those spontaneous purchases tend to be the ones I regret the most and that end up being the items that sit in my closet that I never wear.) Those types of purchases are the ones we are trying to avoid with this capsule wardrobe idea.

Maybe set aside a day or two to complete this project. Good luck!

Come back later to see how I created my spring capsule. :) Also, let me know if you did a closet purge and tell me how it went! Were my steps helpful? I look forward to hearing from you!

With love, Sheila




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  5. I really like your idea, i am currently having the same problem with my wardrobe, i am ending getting koe storage for cloth that i do not relly wear, i will try your idea, even thought i have mot started but by reading your writing i feel that i am going to love your idea, with a little added with my personal style and style, thank you