Family Traditions: Easter

I believe that traditions are important for a family. They are the things that you look forward to. They make you smile as you think back on past years. They make you excited to begin your own traditions when you start a family.

Toddler Easter Basket

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Easter is coming up this weekend! I have many Easter memories. I remember coloring eggs with my little sister. I remember waking up super early and going to our church's sunrise service in my pjs and bundling up in a huge warm blanket because it was always too cold to focus on the service. I remember picking out that special Easter dress that you couldn’t wait to show off to your friends. I remember getting home from sunrise service and searching for the chocolate bunny that my mom hid for each of us (and I remember it took us too long to find them one year and the bunnies melted in the hot sun ;) ). I remember gathering with family and having a HUGE egg hunt with all of our cousins. I remember that for a few years we would pack up our motorcycles and we would go camping with some friends and have an egg hunt and mini worship service on Easter Sunday. There are so many memories centered around those family traditions.Now that I have my own little family, my husband and I are excited to join together some of our family traditions to create our own special ones!

  • We plan to color eggs (might be a HUGE disaster with a one year old, but that just sounds like fun memories to look back on later in my mind ;) )

  • We chose a special Easter outfit for my son to wear to church on Easter Sunday.

  • We bought him a toddler Bible, that I plan to read the story of Christ’s resurrection from, to remind us of the real reason we celebrate!

  • And, we have an Easter basket full of fun goodies for my son. We would love to hide it for him to find in the future, but since he is only one, he probably wouldn’t have any idea what was going on if we did. :)  So we will do that once he gets a little older. But for now, we will probably just put it on the living room floor for him to explore when he wakes up.

It took me quite a while to try to figure out what to put in a one year olds Easter basket (since he doesn’t eat candy, we had to be creative!) Thankfully, many moms on Instagram posted some ideas. So, I thought I would share what we ended up choosing so that if you are struggling, you might get some ideas as well.

Easter Basket Ideas-Toddler

It all started with this bucket! When we went to the beach, we realized that we did not have any sort of shovel and bucket for my son to play with (we brought plastic cups and spoons, haha! But he still loved it!) So we found this at Target and grabbed it. I had also seen the puppy a while ago and loved how soft he was so I got him probably in February. Then, we just added the rest slowly over the past few weeks. I’ve been wanting to introduce him to the wonderful world of coloring but was concerned about him eating the crayons (and just being able to hold them for that matter) so when I found the egg crayons made for small hands, I instantly grabbed those!

Toddler Easter Basket Ideas

I am super happy with how his first Easter basket turned out! I’m sure if anything, he will be pretty excited about the snacks! ;)

What family traditions do you have? Do you give your little ones an Easter basket full of goodies? What do you put in their baskets? I hope if any of you were needing ideas that this was helpful! Be sure to comment and let me know.  Happy Easter!

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