Investing in your marriage: Weekend Trip

What is it that makes your marriage stronger? Is it weekly dates? Is it buying each other gifts? Maybe it is when you help each other with different chores you have to get done? Whatever it might be, do you do these things often enough? I don’t know about you, but I want to make sure I am investing in my relationship with the person I am going to be spending the rest of my life with.

For my husband and I, we love experiencing things together. One way we especially enjoy doing this is by taking trips together. Sitting in the car and then exploring our destination together has always been the best bonding time for us. However, after having our son, it has been difficult to get out and go to new places.


But, this weekend, we did! This weekend, we decided to take our son out “camping”. I put camping in quotes because we did not actually spend the night out somewhere like you usually would with camping. We had planned to do so, but (of course, once we finally plan to do something) it was SUPER windy ALL weekend! I HATE the wind! So, I began getting frustrated and decided in my mind that I did not want to go out into the wind because I was just sure that it would be horrible and we would not enjoy it. But at the same time, I knew that it would be good for us to get out and do something as a family. So my husband decided that we should go out for the afternoon and have dinner out there and then make it back in time for our son's bedtime.

So, we packed everything up and headed to the middle of nowhere! ;) Not even 5 minutes into our drive, we come up to a sign that says the road we needed to take is closed. My husband quickly turned around and began looking for a back road to get to our destination. We finally found one, and after only being set back for about 20 minutes, we were on our way again!

We finally arrived and all got out to explore the area. My husband began unpacking the grill and food while I took our son on a walk to collect rocks. :) He had a blast walking around and finding rocks! It was so fun to see him enjoying himself so much. His favorite activity was sitting in the dirt and moving his feet back and forth, haha.

[caption id="attachment_494" align="aligncenter" width="490"]Collecting Rocks Notice the rocks in his hands & the marks by his feet from him moving his feet back and forth :)[/caption]

While it was pretty windy the whole time, we had a ton of fun! Both my husband and I enjoyed watching our son explore the area. (It is so fun to watch your child experience something new!) We all really enjoyed the grilled chicken and veggies my husband made for us, and we even laughed and had fun on the ride back home. I am so glad that my husband convinced me that even though the weather wasn’t perfect that we should at least go out for a short trip. It was good for us, and our son had so much fun!


So whatever it may be that you and your spouse enjoy doing together that helps bring you closer, get out and do it! There were so many things that could have stopped us from going; the wind, my grumpy attitude because of the wind, or the closed road. But we decided to make the most of it and we ended up really enjoying ourselves! It is SO important to invest in your marriage! So I hope that you will take some time out of your week and do just that! :)

with love,



  1. I love this! I love it because I have not met many young moms who take investing in your marriage after kids seriously. I love this, because it's not extravagant--it's doable. I love this, because you just splashed hope on everyone's day!

  2. Thank you, Sierra! I was honestly not too sure about this post. I was planning to do something else and it sort of fell through (for another day) and I just thought about this weekend and what it meant to me, and though maybe it will inspire someone else as well! I really appreciate your comment :)

  3. So true, Jezriel and I like to go out to the park early in the morning during the weekend, it get super hot in the valley now. We love to lay down, look at the sky and really just soak everything in, just us three.

  4. That sounds so nice and relaxing! 😊