No Sweeter Sound

There is no sweeter sound than hearing your child laughing!

As I stood by the sink washing dishes from dinner tonight, I could hear my husband and my son in the other room. I had just been complaining to myself that there was always so much clean up that needed to happen at the end of the day. As I listened, I noticed that they were both laughing! A LOT! It was just another reminder to soak in all the little moments.

It is easy for me to get caught up in feeling like I need to tackle my to do list. I begin mapping out my day when I wake up and I get frustrated when something happens that interferes with my plans. (Which is funny because being a mom pretty much means that I have to be flexible all the time.) I get frustrated with my son when he is extra clingy and I am not able to clean up the kitchen after breakfast or I am not able to fold the laundry that has been sitting out for the past week. I get frustrated when I start lunch too late and am rushing to clean up before nap time and my son is crying because he is tired and needs me to put him to sleep. But then sometimes, I stop myself from getting frustrated and I listen to the laughter coming from the other room. I stop complaining about everything that “needs” to get done and I just listen. There really is NOTHING sweeter than a child’s laughter!

Mother Son Photo

I want to remember these nights. I want to remember listening to my husband play peek-a-boo with my son. I want to remember my son’s squeal of joy at the game. I want to remember going in and sitting on the floor and joining in the game.

The dishes can wait…I’ll be making memories instead.

What about you? Do you get caught up in your to-do list and forget to stop and enjoy the small things? Take a moment today to push the to-do list aside and just enjoy those in your life!

with love, Sheila


  1. I'm not a Mom yet, and I find myself doing the same thing! It's always do, do, do. But lately, I've been learning to take in the moment all around me and enjoy it. All those other distractions can wait. I don't want to miss this!

  2. Awesome! Yeah, it's so easy to get distracted, but those things are usually not even what's really important! 😊

  3. So fun having you two over today! He is such a happy baby. Loved hearing him laugh and watching him play! Great post're a wise young mama!

  4. Yes, all the time. I am trying to set aside time that I am fully present with my kids each day. No phones, no chores etc. I notice a big difference in their behavior when I do this. And yes, the sweetest sound ever is their laugh!

  5. It's so easy to get caught up in everything we have to do as mommas, but yes! It can all wait...soaking up those precious moments is FAR more important ❤ great reminder!