Summer Day Essentials

Summer is right around the corner! I’ve been dreaming of days spent by the pool and family vacations for a while now! It is already supposed to get up to 100 degrees here this week, so I have been thinking of ways to keep cool. At the beginning of summer, I always make sure we have our beach bag packed and ready to grab for any spontaneous adventures or pool days.

Today, I am going to share with you my summer day essentials, which just so happens to be what I have ready to go in our beach bag!

*This is not a sponsored post nor am I trying to convince you to purchase anything. I have purchased these items myself and these are simply my personal opinions.

For Mom:

Summer Day Essentials

  • Cute suit that I actually want to put on (this one here is a Victoria’s Secret top and high wasted bottoms from June Loop!)

  • A hat is a necessity for me! I am always trying to keep either sunscreen on or a hat on during the warmer months.

  • On that note…sunscreen! I prefer one that won’t make me break out the second I put it on.

  • Cute shoes are always a must have!

  • Large sunglasses

  • WATER! I am always carrying around either this Starbucks cup or a water bottle. I make sure that I am constantly sipping water during the summer. It is so important to stay hydrated and it helps to keep your skin looking nice and young! ;)

  • I always bring some sort of reading material whether it is a magazine, book, or my kindle. I probably NEVER actually end up having time to read, but it is nice to be prepared in case I end up needing to sit with the baby while he naps!

A few things I don’t have pictured here that I always make sure to grab for myself are a cute towel, a cover-up for my suit, and something to snack on!


For baby/toddler:

Toddler Summer Day Essentials

  • A cute swimsuit and long sleeved rash guard to help protect their sensitive skin from the sun. (I also have a few swim diapers packed)

  • Hat! I always make sure to keep a hat on my son when we are in the pool or out in the sun for a long period of time.

  • Sunscreen that is designed for sensitive baby skin. We love our California Baby sunscreen!

  • Sandals for when he isn’t in the pool.

  • Sunglasses because…well, they are just adorable!

  • Sippy cup full of cool water! (I am still nursing my son, so if I can I like to nurse him, but sometimes it is just easier to give him some water.)

  • Lots of snacks!!! Swimming always made me super hungry as a kid, so I make sure I have something to offer him after he has been swimming.

  • A fun toy for the pool! Usually he doesn’t need pool toys, but it is fun to bring something for him to play with after he finishes swimming.

I also always try to bring a little baby float for him to swim in. We have one that he can sit in and that also has a shade that comes over the top, which is awesome because pools are usually in direct sunlight. I also try to always bring a fresh change of clothes and regular diapers for him to wear after he gets out of the pool. That way if we have to drive home from wherever we are, he isn’t sitting in the carseat in wet clothes.

Pool Day

We are hoping to get many pool days in this summer and having this bag packed and ready makes it so much easier for me! What are your summer day necessities?

with love,

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  1. Oh my gosh, such a good post. Love the pics!! That first swimsuit is adorable!


  2. It's getting really hot over here and are needing to utilize our communities swimming pool. Get tips especial the snacks, your so on point with that.

  3. Thanks for reading! Haha, I always have to have snacks for myself because especially with breastfeeding I'm ALWAYS hungry! So I make sure he has some too 😊