Creating a Legacy

Have you ever thought about how you want to be remembered? How others would describe you? What your family and friends think of when they think of you?

This has been on my mind lately. I have been looking at everything differently. So many things that consumed my daily life just don’t seem that important in the long run.

Creating a Legacy

I’ve taken a bit of a “stand back” from social media because that seems like one of the less important things. I was spending SO. MUCH. TIME. scrolling through other people’s photos that I was putting off more important things such as spending time with my son or doing something I love or cleaning my house so that my son and husband have a clean and safe home to enjoy.

I want to be remembered for more than my pretty photos I post on social media. (No, I don’t plan to stop using social media because photography IS something I love and I have met so many awesome mamas and other bloggers through my social media, but there is more than just that).

Someone I greatly admired and loved passed away recently. She was an amazing woman! She loved the Lord, she loved her family, she was always happy and had the most contagious laugh! She was so fun to be around! She was full of life and loved to explore. Anytime we went to visit, she would show us the BEST places around where she lived.


When she found out that I was expecting my son, she made sure to text me weekly to ask how much he had grown that week. I would always excitedly report how much he had grown and tell her the fruit that he was compared to that week. She was so excited to meet him and I am so glad that she was able to! She LOVED that boy! She came to visit after he was born and could not get enough of him. I would make sure to send her videos and photos as often as I could. She got to see him a few more times for holidays and his birthday party. She was always bringing him the funniest looking stuffed animals that she just HAD to buy because she thought they were so cute. We went to visit her when he was a little older and she would just watch him and laugh at everything he did. She especially loved how excited he would get when he was eating. I loved that he could make her laugh so much and bring her so much joy!

I already miss her terribly, but I am so glad for the MANY memories I have of her. I know that she is dancing with Jesus in heaven right now and that one day we will be reunited. Who is this amazing woman, you ask? Well, I call her grandma.


Thinking about her and her life made me stop and think about how I would be remembered.

I want to be remembered as joyful! Every memory of my grandma is filled with laughter. She had so much joy that you couldn’t help but feel happy around her. I want to have that same affect on those around me.

I want to be remembered as loving. She did not hesitate to tell me or any of her loved ones that she loved us. How often do we forget to tell those we love that we love them? I want my family to know without a doubt that I love them.

I want to be remembered as adventurous and full of life! My grandma was always exploring. I would text her on the weekends and they were always going to the beach, going to a new restaurant, or just walking around downtown. I love that! I am by nature a homebody. I love being at home. So it is a little out of my comfort zone to go out and explore. But, I will gladly step out of my comfort zone to show the world to my son. He loves to explore and he loves getting out of the house. I want him to be able to look back at his childhood and remember all the many new places we went and explored.

And most importantly, I want to be remembered as loving Jesus with all my heart! My grandma was always telling me that she was praying for me and my family. She always had great godly advice when I needed it. You could just see that she loved Jesus! I want my son to see me reading my bible and praying. I want to play worship music in the background as he plays. I want him to grow up and to know that his mama loves Jesus!


What about you? Have you thought about how your kids will remember their childhood? Have you thought about how others will remember you? Take some time and think about how you want to be remembered and start creating that legacy today!

with love,

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