My Mom Style Formula

Before having my son, I knew my style! I would describe it as fun, dressy, and girly. I was working at a school, so I would dress up every day. After having my son, I pretty much wore sweatpants and a nursing tank every day for about two months. I was frustrated that I was not losing the pregnancy weight that everyone said I would lose quickly due to breastfeeding. I was discouraged because none of my clothes fit.

I went to Old Navy and picked up a few boyfriend tees. I absolutely LOVE that style. They are super comfy and great at hiding the extra baby weight I’m still struggling to lose. So, anyway, on to my outfit!

Casual Momiform
Casual Momiform 3Casual Momiform 2

This was one of my first boyfriend tees that I bought. I’ve been loving navy lately because it goes with everything and it's a bit different than my usual gray or black tees. ;)

I also decided to buy one good pair of jeans that fit me now instead of always complaining that I don’t fit in my old jeans still. I used to work at Loft and always loved their jeans, so that was the first place I looked when I was searching for a new pair. Let me tell you, they do not disappoint! If you are looking for a pair of jeans, be sure to check there. (This is not a sponsored post, just my honest opinion ;) ).

And for my shoes! I learned quickly that comfortable shoes will be my best friend as a mama, especially now as my son is walking! I really like the look of plain white sneakers, so I was pretty excited when I found these.

(Quick tip: You can throw white sneakers in the wash to keep them looking clean! Just make sure to take the laces off first, but still put them in the wash, and be sure to just let them air dry.)

I keep my jewelry pretty simple these days (if I wear any at all, ha, just being honest!) And my major accessory these days is a diaper bag. I grabbed this backpack the other day because I was tired of trying to hold onto my other bag all the time. But I quickly ended up switching back to my cross body diaper bag because this backpack, unfortunately, does not hold everything I need. But it is nice to have around to pack toys and snacks for my son if we take a trip somewhere. Plus, it’s cute. ;)

Casual Momiform 5Casual Momiform 4Casual Momiform 6

I chose this outfit to show you all first because this is something you would actually see me wearing on a day-to-day basis. The basic formula of it (boyfriend tee + distressed denim + sneakers) is my “momiform”. I no longer feel the need to always accessorize or always be dressed up like I did before having my son. (Don’t get me wrong, I still love to do both, but I am finding that I am more comfortable this way). I spend my days chasing after a very energetic toddler, so I need to be prepared for anything! Plus, it’s just super comfortable! ;)


How would you describe your style? What is your everyday style or “momiform” formula? I hope you enjoyed this post and were maybe inspired to find your style formula!

with love,

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