Our Love Story: High School Sweethearts

My husband and I just celebrated our 5th anniversary!! I seriously can’t believe it has already been 5 years. These have been some amazing 5 years. They have had their difficult seasons, and we are not perfect still, but overall, they have probably been the best years of my life! Having someone who you share your life and secrets with and who you can call your best friend is amazing!

So, in honor of our 5th anniversary, I will be sharing a shortened version of our love story! So, here we go:

We were sitting around a square table going over our bible study questions in high school youth group one Wednesday night. We would all take turns sharing our answers (if we were brave enough, ha!). I remember being super impressed with this nerdy looking guy in glasses, a ball hat, and a red tee shirt. His answers seemed so thought out and honest. He was sort of the “class clown” but in a way that actually made me laugh so much that my stomach hurt. I had been in youth group with him for over a year, but suddenly I found myself attracted to him.

That summer, we went our separate ways with serving in our community. Near the end of summer, we both ended up going on a youth group mission trip along with four others from our youth group. We spent that week serving the Lord, by helping the church run a Vacation Bible School for the kids. It was during that time that we both began to show an interest in each other. (*Husband thoughts: “Um, it’s funny that you say we both began to show an interest, because I had liked you for years, pretty much from the moment I first saw you”)… heart swoons! (I do feel really bad that I honestly have no memory of meeting him before high school youth group.)

Once the week was over, I went back home, and he continued serving at a Christian camp in our community. I remember I was swimming in the pool with my sister and I was telling her all about this guy that I was interested in when my dad came outside with the house phone and said with a concerned voice “There is some boy on the phone who wants to talk to you.”


I tried my best to keep my cool, but I was probably jumping up and down while screaming on the inside ;) We talked, probably about the most random things ever. We began talking on the phone more and more. Soon I decided that I would need to sign up for an email account, you know, since I was looking into colleges and all, they would need a way to contact me. ;) I was really interested in the email chat feature so we could chat online (this was probably all before I had texting on my phone and when we had one family computer in my parents room.) Every day after school I would rush to my parents’ room so I could “check my emails”. We would chat online for a while until I needed to do my homework or whatever. Then after 9:00 we could call and talk. (Back when different phone carriers had “free minutes” after 9pm.)

The next summer, I again went on the youth group missions trip, but he did not. All I remember about that trip was begging my friend to use her phone so I could text him. She was annoyed because she was also texting a guy she liked (her now husband as well!). The next week, instead of going home like I did the year before, my friend and I went to another place to help some people in our church run a week long Christian summer camp.

I remember sitting in the living room of one of the missionaries we were helping with my friend and we were both on laptops. She was probably also talking to the guy she liked. It was the weekend in between the youth group VBS trip and the summer camp week. This time was significant in my memory because I remember that he shared something extremely personal with me. It was the first time that we had discussed something other than our usual random conversations about school or church or what our favorite movie is. It was something that he wouldn’t have told just any friend. I spent that next week thinking about that conversation.

When I arrived home, it was almost time for school to start again. I would be entering my junior year of high school. We continued to talk and would even chat on the phone on my way to school (I was in a carpool since I couldn’t drive yet, so I was free to talk on the phone.) I remember one day I turned my phone on after school (yes, I actually turned it off during school hours ;) ) and I had a voicemail from him. I excitedly put in my password so I could listen to my voicemail and his message simply said

“Hey………so……uh……..I………um………….like you………….that’s all, bye”

(He later told me that he called during school hours because he knew my phone would be off and he could leave a voicemail instead of actually talking to me, haha!)


I was super excited that he had finally admitted (and that he was the first one to make a move since I was not going to, ha!) but then my next thought was “uh oh, I REALLY hope this doesn't ruin our friendship that we have.”

Things were a little weird for a while, but we continued to talk and seemed to get over the awkwardness. Then we decided that we wanted to “make things official”. He asked my dad (so old fashioned and I LOVE it!!) if he could date me.

My dad said no. (ha!)

I was a little upset, but I had already decided that I did not want to do anything “behind my parents back” so we both agreed to wait to officially date.


My dad was so impressed with how we handled that (being high schoolers and all) that he decided that we could. (I just have to say, this is such an awkward time, like, ok so you like each other but you are not officially boyfriend and girlfriend until it is made official between you two…I never totally understood this)

Anyway, I was chatting on my email chat with him one night (February 28, 2009) and he asked me if I would officially be his girlfriend. I, of course, said yes. I’m not sure exactly how the conversation went, but then shortly later, my sister and I went over to his house and we had a game night with some friends (no one knew we were officially dating, but we were super happy.)

We then began going on dates (I loved that he had his license and would pick me up at my house and we could go out on dates! Haha, I felt so grown up, ha!) We continued to get to know each other and soon began talking about getting married (I think I was a senior in high school when we first mentioned this.) A friend gave us a book entitled “101 Questions to Ask Before you Get Engaged.” We would bring it on dates and ask each other the questions. It was really fun and I am so glad we discussed so many issues before we were engaged.

Time went by, I graduated high school and began talking classes at the community college. That was so fun because then I had more free time (in between classes and work) to go on dates and just hang out. Our favorite thing to do was to have picnics under a willow tree on campus. One evening (September 29, 2010), he had packed dinner for us and he asked me to spread out the blanket. I went to do that and I remember hearing him messing with something in the picnic basket as he was talking to me. He said something super cute that we would say to each other all the time and then when I turned around, he was on one knee with a single red rose with an engagement ring on the stem. He asked me to marry him and I said yes! We enjoyed our picnic and began dreaming about our wedding together.

[caption id="attachment_815" align="aligncenter" width="400"]_MG_3744 Recreating the proposal about a week after he proposed.[/caption]

It turns out that he had bought the ring back in June and had asked my dad if he could marry me.

My dad said no. Not until he was able to do a few things first.

He asked him again a few months later when he met more of the “qualifications” and my dad gave his approval. I think he ended up proposing that same day in the evening.

And there you have it! We were married June 11, 2011 and are so much more in love today than we were then! Happy 5 years, babe!


with love,

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  1. LOVE! I remember the day he gave you a red rose (or was it a bouquet?!).You were so excited about it and your were just so bright and happy. I love that you still are!