Gray & Yellow Gender Neutral Nursery

Hey guys, so I ended up taking last week off from blogging. I had full intentions of posting something, but never got to it with so much going on lately. Plus, it was my birthday on Sunday!

I told my husband that all I wanted this year was to get PROFESSIONAL family photos taken. So on Saturday, we drove an hour and a half (I wanted to get far away from where we are living, haha!) and met with our photographer who did an AMAZING job! I am so excited to see the photos!

Anyway, moving on with today's post!

Gray & Yellow Gender Neutral Nursery

I am so excited to share my son’s nursery with you all! He is almost 17 months old and I’m not sure how much longer we will hold off with transitioning him out of his crib (I’m hoping to wait as long as possible ;) ) and creating more of a “big boy” room for him. Plus, I took some awesome photos for his baby book that I have really wanted to share! :)

As soon as we found out that we were pregnant, I hopped onto Pinterest to begin looking at ideas. Pretty much our entire house has the same color scheme since we got married. Everything is black and white with red accents. We love it! But, I have been moving more towards lighter and brighter colors. So I knew from the start that I wanted our baby’s room to be white and gray with touches of yellow. (We later added some mint to the room when we found out we were having a boy.) I knew that the white, gray, and yellow could easily be reused for all of our children since they are all pretty gender neutral colors. (Although, I’m sure if we are ever blessed with a baby girl, I can guarantee that there will be A LOT of pink in her room ;) ).

So anyway, here is our son’s adorable little nursery!! :)
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Gender Neutral Nursery5Gender Neutral Nursery (Shop our nursery: Similar Crib | Similar Style Crib in white | Similar Blanket | Elephant Blanket | Crib Sheet | We also have and love this crib sheet | Changing Table | Very Similar Glider | Cheaper Similar Glider)

I believe the first thing I ever bought for his room was this elephant canvas print hanging above my glider. I did not plan on having an animal theme, but we did end up having some elephants and giraffes (thanks to the gray and yellow colors) and that ended up being pretty cute.
Gender Neutral Nursery Closet OrganizationGender Neutral Nursery Diaper StationGender Neutral Nursery OrganizationGender Neutral Nursery Organization2 (Diaper Caddy | Similar super cute caddy | Teether | Similar Newborn Sneakers | Shelf Baskets)

A while after he was born, we added a few more things to his room, such as a gallery wall above his changing table and a little reading nook near the glider.

Gender Neutral Nursery Photo CollageGender Neutral Nursery Reading Nook

His nursery is by far my FAVORITE room in our house! I just love the little details that are in his room that make it special! I love that he loves to play in his room and that we can sit and read in the glider. I love that I have nursed him SO MANY TIMES in that glider!
Gender Neutral Nursery2Gender Neutral Nursery3Gender Neutral Nursery4

(Sleep Sheep | I couldn't find his little monkey stuffed animal, but this little elephant is adorable :) | Similar Mobile | I also love this little Elephant Mobile | I also love these cute gray striped sheets  and these polka dot sheets)

I put so much time and thought into his room to make it special for him, and I am so happy with how it turned out. It is so special to have a room all ready for your baby when you bring them home for the first time (even if they will spend the next few months sleeping in your room ;) ).

Well, I hope you enjoyed these photos of our baby's nursery.

with love,

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 8.54.30 PM


  1. Love these colors! I want to incorporate the classic winnie the pooh into my gender neutral nursery!

  2. this is adorable! my son's nursery was also grey and yellow :)

  3. What a cute nursery! That's our bathroom color scheme!

  4. So cute! I love the book shelf and the way you organized it so well!

  5. Thank you!! I love reading (being a former librarian and all 😉) so I wanted to make sure we had a good reading book! But it definitely doesn't look that organized anymore, haha.

  6. I wanted to do our bathroom that color too because I love it, but my husband said that's too much, haha!

  7. Awesome! It's such a fun color scheme! 😊

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