Daily Toddler Schedule for the Stay at Home Mom

Summer is coming to an end soon. This morning, the air was slightly cool right before the sun came up and it hit 100 degrees. It reminded me that soon we would be bundling up as the summer ends and fall begins.

This summer, I attempted to get my 17 month old and I on somewhat of a schedule, but, it is summer after all, so it was not very successful. It is my goal to homeschool my son when he is school aged, so in an effort to begin as I mean to go, I have already begun doing “preschool” type material with him. I want him to be used to having school time so that when he is old enough to actually begin doing school, it will not be completely foreign to him. Plus, I am always more productive (especially being a stay-at-home mom) when I have a schedule to follow.

1 Year Old Preschool Curriculum

I began searching for a good curriculum to teach my son shortly before his first birthday. Someone on Instagram was kind enough to tell me about a program called ABC Jesus Loves Me. (*This is not sponsored, I just LOVE this program, plus it’s all free online! There are hardcopies you can purchase and I did actually purchase the worksheets.) I spent some time looking into this preschool curriculum and loved that there is actually one specifically for a one year old! The activities are perfect for his age and I LOVE that it is a Bible based curriculum!

Over the summer, we have slowly been going through the weeks (we have been taking about 2 weeks to do each week). But, now that summer is ending, I have created a schedule for us to follow so we can both begin getting used to doing school and being productive! Here it is:

Daily Toddler Schedule for SAHM

6:00- I wake up, have coffee, do my Bible study, have time with my husband, make my bed, get dressed, etc.

7:00- My son usually gets up between 6:45-7:00. If he wakes up before 7:00, I have some toys and books in his crib that he likes to play with. This allows me to finish what I am doing before I need to get him from his crib.

7:15- Once he is up and changed, he plays for a little in the living room or kitchen (usually with his truck or a large bouncy ball) while I make breakfast.

7:45- We sit down and eat breakfast together. Then I read him his Bible story and sing the songs for the week.

8:15- He gets cleaned up and is able to play in the kitchen while I clean up from breakfast.

8:30- We try to go outside for some fresh air and vitamin D. We like going on walks or even just playing in the grass. This is also a good time to let him run around.

9:00- We do some sort of structured play. The curriculum I use has a motor skill to work on for the week, so we will usually do something to help improve that. For example this weeks fine motor skill is stacking blocks.

9:30- We are still working on moving to one naptime, so if he woke up early that morning or is tired, then I have been trying to do a quiet time in the mornings for him. Right now, he loves to sit in a seat and “read” by himself. We have a bin of board books that he loves to choose from. Sometimes if he is just too tired, I will put a few books in his crib and lay him down. He occasionally naps but that is very rare these days.

SAHM:1 year old schedule

While he is doing that, I will use that time to either clean up around the house, post on social media, take some blog photos that don’t involve leaving the house, or if I’m lucky, I can even get a little blogging done. (I obviously don’t have time to do all of these, so I usually switch it up each day depending on what needs to be done ;) )

10:00- I like to use this time (after he’s rested a little) to do some fun hands on activities. If I am baking something, I’ll let him “help” by having him dump the ingredients into the bowl. Otherwise, we may finger-paint, play with play dough, or on days I just can’t get it together…you know what I’m talking about… I like to just have him color for a little while. Or if I have any errands, I usually like to get them done in the mornings.

10:30- Snack time! I never gave him a morning snack before, but since he has not been napping in the mornings and he can’t quite make it until after lunch, I give him a snack right before his nap so he doesn’t wake up from his nap because he is hungry. After his snack, we will get ready for naptime. This has been involving attempting to teach him how to clean up his toys. We store his toys in a wagon in his room and in a basket in the living room. It ends up taking longer than if I were to just do it myself, but I want him to learn as soon as possible how to clean up after himself, so I take the time to have him help me.

11:00-1:30/2:00- Nurse and naptime! (We are working on moving his naptime further back, but right now he can hardly make it to 11:00, so we will push it back slowly. It does make the afternoons difficult though, because he is usually EXHAUSTED by bedtime).

I usually eat lunch during this time. Then I will rotate days of getting some cleaning/organizing done, working on my blog, making items from my etsy shop or filling orders, or editing photos for my photography business! Or sometimes, in all honesty, I’ll just sit down with some ice cream and read if I need a break. (Mama’s need a break sometimes too!)

SAHM:1 year old daily schedule1

1:30- He is usually up at this time, so I will get him and we will cuddle for a little (usually only lasts about a minute) to let him wake up some. Then he eats lunch. Since I’ve already eaten, I like to use this time to workout (I’m in view of him at all times and he loves to watch me workout, haha). I try to workout about 3 times a week (especially if we didn’t go for a walk earlier that morning). Otherwise I’ll sit at the kitchen table and try to finish up anything I was working on while he was napping.

2:00-Free play. After a long nap, he loves to get up and play with his toys. He has a bucket that we will empty onto the floor in the middle of the living room and he plays with the toys in there. Right now he is obsessed with trucks, so he usually spends this time pushing them from the living room to the kitchen. He also loves to push his soccer ball back and forth, so if I am sitting on the floor, we will push it back and forth. (I do a weekly toy rotation, so he is usually pretty excited to play with his toys, especially on Monday’s when we switch them out.) I always play music during this time, so we love stopping what we are doing to have dance parties ;)

If he is content playing with his toys, I’ll use this time to tidy up an area of the house that is near him.

3:00- Once he has had a chance to get some energy out, I will sit him down and we will either read the book of the week or work on identifying the shape/color/animal of the week. He loves learning animal sounds right now, so it is fun to see him find the animal in a book and mimic the sound I do. This is also a good time to do one of the worksheets for that week if we did not do one earlier.

3:30- During the summer we loved to go to the pool in the afternoons. I would love to keep that up until it gets too cold. Once it does get cool, this is a good time to go outside or to run any errands if I did not do them earlier. If he is starting to get grumpy during this time, I will usually sit down and nurse him a little... (it does wonders, people! Haha!)

4:00-Begin dinner prep. I will let him play with his toys during this time. Sometimes if he is super clingy, I will let him watch a show. Right now he loves Veggie Tales or Thomas the Train :)

5:00 Dinner time

5:45/6:00- We clean up from dinner and begin the getting ready for bed routine (bath, lotion, pjs, brush teeth, dance party ;) , prayers, nurse)

7:00- Bed time

SAHM:1 year old daily schedule

We are not perfect, so really this is more of a routine than a strict schedule. I have made it a priority to be flexible since he was born! While I thrive on a schedule, I know that I can’t always strictly keep one and will just stress myself out more if I try. So we like to follow this for the most part, but I am sure by the end of the year it will be different.

Do you have a preschool curriculum you follow? Do you follow a daily schedule? I’d love to know! (I’m always looking up schedule ideas on Pinterest, haha!)

with love,

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  1. I love this schedule! It gives me some really good ideas, as we have really similar values and routines. I have found that a lot of homeschooling at this age is just having them do things WITH me. I do really want to incorporate at least one "activity" into the day, too, though!

  2. I had to pin this so I can come back to it in a few months when my daughter arrives. I have a 3 year old who is in daycare but I kept her home up until 16 months so I plan on doing the same with this baby and definitely want to try some new things this time around!

  3. Yes, I completely agree about it mostly being them doing things with you! Especially since they copy everything we do at this age, haha. So glad this was helpful for you!

  4. Awesome! Thanks for pinning! I hope you got some good ideas from this! 😊

  5. Love reading about how other mommas spend their days! Yours sound a lot more organized than mine ;)

  6. I find that it's so helpful with toddler to be on a schedule. It really helps them know what to expect.

  7. This is great! I'm going to have to check out that workbook. It looks awesome!

  8. Haha, I feel the same way when I read other mama's schedules 😊

  9. It does!! Anytime we get off of our routine my son gets grumpy and clingy. He does much better when we follow our routine.

  10. Thanks! Yeah, we love it and it is so easy to just add the activities into our day.

  11. Thanks for the ideas I can use in the future. My little one is 10 months old, and sometimes I struggle if she doesn't stick to a schedule. It's the lover of scheduling in me! So, I like that you added at the end that you're flexible when it's necessary. Thanks for sharing.

  12. This is a lot like our routine. My daughter is almost 18 months and we are slowing transitioning to one nap. It's so hard! She's either tired in the morning or at night but she doesn't want to nap. I'm going to check out this workbook. Thanks for the suggestion!

  13. I'm so glad it was helpful, Jessica! I know what you mean, both my son and I do so much better if we are on a flexible schedule. :)

  14. It has been so hard here for us as well! Just when I think we are completely done with 2 naps, he ends up really needing one the next day (yesterday he actually took 2 naps). It's been a long transition. Good luck! :)

  15. I love this and I love that Jesus workbook! I used it with Oakland!

  16. Awesome! We have been loving it! 😊