Stay-at-Home Mom Morning Routine

I’ve been struggling lately with feeling like myself while trying to balance everything in my life right now. It is especially difficult when a screaming toddler wakes me up in the morning. He used to sleep in more before, but lately he has been waking up very early and he cries the second he wakes up for me to go get him. Waking up to that every morning was wearing me out emotionally.

I am an introvert, so I have noticed that I need some time to myself to “recharge”. With my son waking me up in the mornings, I was no longer getting very much time to myself.

So when I noticed I was not feeling like myself day after day, I knew that I needed to do something different. I have always been a morning person; there is just something amazing about drinking cup of hot coffee in silence while watching the sunlight gradually stream into the house. However, after having my son, I was just trying to get sleep whenever I could. He is still up at night so I was really struggling with the idea of waking up earlier than him because I really do need sleep.

But, I decided to make an effort to go to bed earlier so I could wake up at least an hour before he usually does. Let me just say….GAME CHANGER, people! I wake up and do my little routine to get ready for the day and I feel so much more like myself and ready to take on our day!

*I received the Purposeful Planner in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Here is the morning routine I've been following lately:


  • My alarm goes off and I drag myself out of bed. ;) (I’m still getting used to waking up this early, but I know that it will be SO worth it!)

  • I make myself a hot cup of coffee!


  • I sit down with my coffee, my bible study, my prayer journal, my planner, and a stack of sticky notes.

  • I begin my morning by doing my bible study while sipping my hot coffee.


  • I then take some time to write in my prayer journal. (I don't have anything fancy; I just use a notebook and write my prayers out. Writing them out really helps me focus on what I am doing. And it is fun to look back and see how they were answered later.)


  • I grab my Purposeful Planner and write out my day. I do not typically use the times that are in the planner because I would get stressed out if things did not go according to plan and having a toddler guarantees they will NOT go according to plan. Ha!

  • I use this time to write down my number 1 goal for the day and any other tasks that I would like to get done. I try not to do too many because I have found if I just write a few then I am more likely to get them done.

  • I also make sure to write out any exercise I plan to do. If I write it down then it’s more likely to get done! And I also write out the plan for dinner and write anything that needs to be done that morning in red to make sure I remember to do it! I love that this planner has an entire page on each month for me to write out a list of our favorite meals. Then I can just flip to that page and choose one for that day. It works so much better for me than trying to meal plan each week.

  • I also use this time to go through and look at my month as a whole. Is there anything I need to do today to get ready for something happening later this month? I write it down as part of my “to-do” list for that day. I then look at the master task list for that month and choose something small to do that day so I will have finished it by the end of the month.

  • I will then glance at my dreams and goals list for that month to make sure I am making time for those things. I LOVE making goals lists for each month and having them right there in my planner is so helpful. Writing them out make me more likely to do them!


  • I will then go make my bed and quickly get myself ready for the day. (This typically involves putting on workout clothes for my morning workout, washing my face, and brushing my teeth. I don’t even worry about makeup until after I workout ;) ). Even if my room is a complete disaster, it makes me feel better to see a made bed, so I always try to do that in the morning. I also place my Purposeful Planner in a high traffic area of the house so I can see it throughout the day.


  • Typically by this time, my son is already awake. So I will open the curtains, start playing some piano praise music and light a fall scented candle before I go get him from his crib. Having a peaceful atmosphere goes a long way in helping me feel better about that day.

  • If he is still asleep or playing quietly in his crib, then sometimes I will try to fit in a quick 15 minute workout or I will try to work on my blog until he wakes up.

This extra time in the morning to sit and enjoy my coffee, spend time in God’s word and prayer, and plan out my day has been amazing for me! I am able to happily greet my son when he wakes up instead of dragging my half-asleep self into his room to get him up. It helps me to not feel behind on my day from the second I wake up. And, it helps me feel more prepared to face the day!

Have you tried waking up earlier than your kids to help start your morning? Please let me know if you are inspired to start waking up early after reading this! I would love to know!


  1. I am so much more productive and cheerful during the day when I wake up before the kids. I definitely recommend this even though I am NOT a morning person! Coffee helps. :)

  2. I'm inspired and I don't even have a kid!!

  3. The cover looks exactly like my day designer. So beautiful! I always try to wake up at 5:45 and the then wake the kids up at 7 for school. I need that peacefulness before the day starts.

    Glam Hungry Mom

  4. Seriously adore your planner book! You are incredible!!

  5. Exactly! It totally sets the mood for me for the entire day! Yes, coffee is extremely helpful.

  6. I know, I absolutely loved the cover of this planner! Yes, that time is so helpful.

  7. Thank you! Yes, it is so pretty!

  8. This is so sweet! I hope when I have kids I'll be able to drag myself out of bed early like you :) I think "me" time is SO important! I love that you use a planner to plan out your day and you pick 1 important goal for each day. I think that's great because I'm sure it makes you 100 times more productive :) I like the idea of incorporating this into my own life! Thanks for sharing<3

    xo Nicole

  9. sippinglifeslemonadeSeptember 21, 2016 at 2:17 AM

    Sounds a lot like my mornings. Stay at home moms rock it.

  10. I started waking up before my girls two years ago and I completely agree that it's a game changer!! Right now it's just a tad earlier than them...but that's all I can do with pregnancy exhaustion.

    I enjoy reading about others morning routines. And..such a pretty planner!

  11. I envy your willingness to wake up so early! but it does help get a good start to the day. I'm also envious of your organization mama!

  12. This is the best morning routine I've seen and I love the planner! I love the idea of a prayer journal; you've inspired me. Pinning for later.

  13. I love that you wake up early to get all of the important things done! As a SAHM to two (a two year old and a six month old) I WISH I had your motivation! I really need to work on that!

  14. Good luck, Lauren! I can't even imagine how I will be once I have two babies!

  15. Thank you, Lauren! Yes, I really do love to look back at past requests to see how things were answered.

  16. Haha, well, you should see the rest of my house...I'm not organized in everything... ;) haha

  17. Good for you! Yes, you need all the sleep you can get when you are pregnant! Haha, that was one of the reasons I wanted to write about my morning routine is because that is something that I love reading about :)

  18. Thank you! It is definitely difficult at times but so worth it! Yes, by having one most important thing to do, it helps me not feel like a failure if I didn't get EVERYTHING done. :)

  19. Yay! I'm glad this is a bit more universal than just to mamas ;)

  20. Reading your struggles with not having the proper waking up time resonates with me! Since number #2 arrived I haven't had the time in the morning I used to have to gradually wake up. I know I need to get better about getting up before the kids but I love sleep! You have inspired me to at least give it a try!

  21. Thank you Michele! I really hope that waking up early helps you out! I've been doing it for a few months now and I love that quiet time to wake up in the mornings.

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