6 Things I Wish I Knew Before Using Cloth Diapers + Charlie BananaReview

We have been using cloth diapers for a few months now. It’s funny because it really hasn't been that long since we switched, but it feels like we have been doing it for a long time already. You can read about our switch from disposable to cloth diapers, here. Right after we began using them, Charlie Banana sent us a few of their diapers to try out.

*Charlie Banana sent me these diapers in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

If you have ever been on their website, you have seen that they have so many adorable patterned or solid colored diapers to choose from! That really is one of the major perks about cloth diapers is that they are so much cuter than disposable. (In addition to being so much easier on your baby’s skin and better for the environment…and your wallet! ;) ). There are so many different options you can choose. Charlie Banana sent us a really cute soccer diaper and a racecar diaper! We quickly added them to our diaper rotation.

One of the first things that I noticed about these diapers is how soft they are! The liners were super soft, the inside part that goes on baby’s skin was so soft, and even the outside of the diaper was soft. I’m sure it’s so comfortable for your little one to wear. I also really liked that the inserts are placed in the diaper through the front instead of the back. I have issues with the liners sticking out the back if something goes wrong or my son gets a little squirmy and the diaper gets twisted around during a diaper change. These ones are placed inside the diaper through the front and then have a little flap that covers over the top of the liner insert.

Another thing that was different about these diapers is that they came with two inserts, a size small and a medium/large. This is nice for when you know your little one will need a little more absorbency, like when you go run some errands. I love that the inserts are so soft, because then I can place one in the pocket of the diaper and just lay the second on top of the diaper. I know that it is soft enough that it won’t irritate his skin. Our Charlie Banana diapers are quickly becoming a favorite!

Ok, on to a few things I wished I knew before we started using cloth diapers!

6 Things I wished I knew BEFORE I started using cloth diapers:

I’m still somewhat new to cloth diapering. But I’ve had quite a few people ask me about cloth diapers because they too want to begin using them. So here are a few things that I wished I knew before I started cloth diapering.

  1. It really is not as bad as I thought it would be. We got flushable liners that line the inside of the diaper. So we just take the diaper and dump it into the toilet. It’s really not that bad.

  2. It IS more laundry that I thought it would be. I wash them probably every 2-3 days. It’s not that we are running out of diapers, it’s just that they start to smell pretty yucky if you wait much longer.

  3. You don’t need a HUGE stash of diapers. I was reading a mama’s blog post about how she has 36 diapers and I felt like I needed to go buy more. But in all honesty, our 23 diapers is more than enough! Like I mentioned above, you are washing them every 2-3 days anyway, so you really only need enough to last those days.

  4. There WILL be diapers that leak, especially if you get the one-size diapers and you are trying to figure out what fit best fits your baby. (Please note, this does not mean a blowout, thankfully, I have not had any issues with that, just wetting). I had leaking diapers for about 3 weeks until I finally figured out the right leg adjustment for my son. But, since we have finally found the right adjustment for him, we are happy to report that there has not been any leaking since.

  5. Don't beat yourself up about using cloth at night. When I switched, I really wanted to use cloth all the time! But we decided to use disposable when we take our son to the nursery at church (just so the ladies in there wouldn’t have to deal with them) and after 2 weeks of a VERY upset baby who would wake up in the middle of the night with a very wet diaper, we decided it was better for us to still use disposable at night. (Yes, I was very determined, otherwise, being awoken by my grumpy baby for a 3am diaper change would have made me switch MUCH sooner!) Don't feel guilty for this or feel like you failed. If it’s better for you AND your baby, then I would definitely NOT call that a failure!

  6. Lastly, I wish that I had started when he was younger! It really is so much easier than I thought and it would have saved us so much money!

What about you, do you use cloth diapers? Do you think you would want to try using them?


  1. I don't use them but, have had friends that do! This is a great post though to consider both!

  2. Wow I have always been scared of cloth diapers. They sound like a mess, but I think you might have won me over. Definitely going to give these a try when I have a baby.

  3. Yes! We use cloth diapers and LOVE them! I love your tips and things you wish you knew! I have found that leaking depends on fit and brand on that particular child. What worked great for our first didn't work as well for our second. I am so glad that I chose to cloth diaper, too...I might need to get some of these Charlie Banana diapers!

  4. I wish I had read this post before I had my girls. It really doesn't sound as horrible and scary as I thought, plus you always have the option to substitute with disposables when needed.

  5. My sister did cloth diapers and she said they weren't so bad either!

  6. Awesome! They really aren't and they save you so much money in the long run!

  7. It really isn't that bad. Yes! Once I got out of the "all or nothing" mindset, I didn't feel like I was trapped.

  8. That is true. I have a few different brands and one (that leaked the worst) took a while for me to figure out that the problem was that the leg adjustments needed to be tighter on those than on the other brand. You should, they have some really cute designs.

  9. Awesome Rebecca! Glad to have won you over :) Make sure you get flushable liners! ;) I found mine on Amazon! (2 day shipping for the win!) But Charlie Banana sells them too.

  10. I love my cloth diapers! We've been using them for 15 months with my daughter and we're prepping for use on baby number 2! I love your list. Some people think that cloth is an all or nothing thing. It's not! Do what works for you!

  11. Exactly, Lauren! That's partly why I was so afraid to start using them. Now that I've changed my thinking, it's not so scary. Haha. Congratulations on baby number 2!

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