2017 Word of the Year

Can you believe that we are here at the beginning of another new year? I feel like the years are going even faster now that I have a child. Life is not fair that way, all you want as a kid is for things to speed up so you can hit whatever milestone; turning 10 (yay double digits!), turning 16 so you can drive, turning 18 so you are considered an adult (news flash…..bills…), turning 21…..etc.

But once you have your own children, all you want is for time to slow down again. Before you know it your little uncoordinated baby who needs your for EVERYTHING
is rolling over, sitting up, running away from you, and shouting “NO!” when you ask to help them with something.

My son will turn 2 this year and I am already feeling a flood of emotions about this. He has such an independent personality, which is great, but sometimes I still want to help him with things that he just wants to figure out on his own. I feel like if I am not careful, one day I will look up at him and he will be off to college!

Since I have not figured out how to get the time to slow down (anyone else? Let me know if you do ;) ), I have decided that I need to be more intentional with how I spend my time; with him, with my husband, and on my own.

Lets look at this word:

Intentional. It means to do something on purpose or deliberately.

I want to purposely choose to slow down and to live each day with a purpose! Let's break that down a little more.

Being intentional with my son

I wrote out a new, extremely flexible, schedule for this new year. Being a stay-at-home mom, sometimes I get caught up in everything I have on my plate (housework, blogging, my photography business; to name a few). If I’m not careful, I notice that I take for granted that I am with my son all day everyday. I then begin to pass up on fun opportunities to read to him or play with his trucks with him because I think, “Oh, I can always do that tomorrow, right now I need to finish working on ___________ “ (fill in the blank). I’m sure you have had those moments, right?

This year, I want to hang our schedule on the fridge so I can see it everyday. On that schedule I have made time for everything that is important for me to do with him during the day. And like I said, this schedule is extremely flexible because we all know that flexibility is a major part of having children.

I want to be intentional about how we spend our days. Yes, there will probably be days when I will put on a few extra episodes of Curious George because I have a deadline I need to meet, but I don’t want that to become a regular way that we spend our afternoons. Time is going by quickly, and we are never guaranteed a tomorrow, so I want to be purposeful with how I spend each day.

That means closing my laptop when he wakes up from his nap. I can finish working on a blog post later when he goes to bed. That means putting my phone down, social media can always wait. That means that the day’s chores might be put on hold occasionally. My house does not always have to be spotless (clean freak alert…).

I want to be intentional about teaching my son about our Savior, Jesus Christ.

I want to be intentional about reading books with him.

I want to be intentional about doing hands on learning activities with him.

I want to be intentional about doing our preschool curriculum together.

Being intentional with my husband

You know how many out of the house dates my husband and I have been on since having my son (who is almost 2, let me remind you)? Four

Four? Wow, that’s pretty sad. I want to schedule more date nights this year. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a chance for us to get out and just be husband and wife (not mom and dad) for a few hours.

I want to be intentional about our relationship.

I want to intentionally schedule (at least a monthly) date night.

I want to be intentional about scheduling a time for us to do a couple’s bible study together (anyone have any good ones, please let me know!)

I want to be intentional about spending our evenings together. This is hard for me. As an introvert, I need time alone after a busy day of being a mama, but we have found that if we go our separate ways after my son goes to bed, then we still have time later in the evening to spend together, and we are refreshed after having a little time to ourselves as well.

Being intentional with me

Is it too cliché to say that I want to work out more? Haha. I have been struggling to find a time to workout now that my son only takes one short nap during the day. So my first goal with being intentional about my health is to find a time that works for me to fit in a workout. In that same category, I want to be more consistent with meal planning. Last year I finally got back into that more after having my son and I would like to keep that up, along with choosing more fruit and veggies to add to our diet.

I also want to be more intentional with my quiet time with Jesus. I typically will do my Bible study when I wake up in the morning, but I want to start a prayer journal as well. I used to do that before I had my son and I just never got back into it.

I want to be intentional with my time. I watch way too much Netflix, haha. It honestly is my way of relaxing after a long and busy day. But I love to read also and that relaxes me, so it is my goal to read more as a way of unwinding in the evenings instead of watching TV. Right now I am reading Emily Ley’s book, Grace Not Perfection, and I cannot recommend it more! It is so good!

And there you have it! These are a few ways that I would like to be more intentional with my life, my relationships, and my time.

Do you have a theme word for 2017? What is your word? I would love to hear. Oh, and Happy New Year!

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  1. These are great goals for the year! I'm also trying to be more intentional with my time with my daughter. The days go by way too fast to be caught up on my phone. One of my new year goals was to also have a monthly date night. I think we may have had 4 last year :(

  2. Fabulous idea.... I love the idea of being intentional. How true on all levels. I haven't thought of a word for 2017 but thank you for putting the thought in my head. I will be thinking about one for myself now!

  3. Thank you! I love having a word for the year much more than making resolutions. I feel like I am more successful with this approach. Happy New Year, Kate!

  4. It is so hard to get out of the house when you have kids, right? I need to work on not feeling guilty the whole time when we actually do get out too.

  5. Simplify and Intentional, I learned two words today to set the year =) From one Jesus lover to another, intentional is a great word to make this a great year. I love it very much. Thank you for posting.

  6. Love your word for the year! Being intentional is so important!

  7. Thank you for reading, Jenn! Simplify was actually my word for last year! Yes, I plan to be very intentional with growing my relationship with Christ this year. Happy New Year!

  8. Thank you, Rachel. I hope to make being intentional a habit by practicing it daily. :)

  9. Great choice. I chose simplify as my word of the year! Intentional was a close second!

  10. Loved your whole post! I kept going "yeah, me, too!" To pretty much everything you shared! I definitely want to be more intentional about time with my husband and my children ... and I guess with time for myself as well! I also love that you highlighted the fact that you want to make teaching your baby about Jesus and growing closer to him individually and with your husband, a priority. Yes! And I think the book "Love & Respect" would be a great one for a couples Bible study!

  11. I am so glad that you can relate! Yes, we actually read that as our premarital counseling with our pastor! We loved it so much that we bought copies for our parents that Christmas. Maybe we will read it again, after all that was about 6 years ago! Thanks for the recommendation! :)

  12. Simplify was my word last year! Great minds ;)

  13. I love all your "inetnions." They are all things that we tend to let slip or brush by! I too will be more intentional in 2017! Great read!

  14. I'm a firm believer of being intentional with everything too. It truly helps us to stay in the present and live more fully. I hope 2017 is a year full of intention!

  15. Excellent word for the year (I picked it for my word last year)! And I love the deliberat things you'd like to work on intentionally in your life. I still need to pick my word for this year!

  16. I've been hearing a lot about a word of the year. I love yours! I too want to be more intentional this year. I didn't pick a word of the year, but I set some yearly intentions.

  17. Great post! I love how some people choose resolutions, some goals and some choose a word. By the way, "intentional" is one of my favorite words!

  18. That's a great word and great goals for the year! I can totally relate and need to do the same for my kids, my husband and myself!

  19. Yeah, I think whatever works for you is the best option! :)

  20. I have been searching for a good word for this year and this one is awesome! I love the idea of becoming more intentional with my daughter especially!

  21. Yes! That is something that I totally struggle with (being present). I hope by being intentional I will learn to be more present too.

  22. Using just one word as your guide seems very powerful. Love the idea :)

  23. Thanks! It helps to keep me focused :)

  24. I love your word. The meanings and your desire to be intentional is inspiring. Thank you for sharing such a personal part of your life.

  25. i totally understand the date night issue. Me and mine haven't had many ourselves. We have had to resort to date nights in because of the lack of baby sitters. It hasn't been too bad. It helps us both get creative. Loved your post.

  26. Thank you! Yeah, we do end up doing a lot in the house. Haha, yes, we have tried our best to be very creative also.