4 Kid Approved Alternative Ways to Dye Eggs this Easter

So, tonight’s post is a little spontaneous, but we just enjoyed an afternoon of dying eggs for Easter! I wanted to try something different that wouldn’t make too much of a mess for my toddler to participate in. I had one idea in mind that he could do and we were going to try one other idea. We ended up trying four different ways of coloring eggs (other than in the vinegar/water “egg bath” way). And no, I did not end up having time to try dying them naturally like I mentioned in my bucket list. Maybe next year we will be a little more prepared for this. But, most of these ideas are super easy to do and you probably have all of the supplies in your kitchen already!

4 Kid Approved Alternative Ways to Dye Easter Eggs

Tissue Paper

Ok, so the first idea was found on It's Always Autumn and it was the one I chose to do for my toddler. There are no actual dyes involved so I thought it would be a fun way for him to participate without making too much of a mess.

This called for tissue paper and a spray bottle of water. She does mention to make sure you do not buy cheap tissue paper from the dollar store because it will not bleed enough onto the egg. She said to spray the egg, cover with scraps of the tissue, and then spray again. We ended up having to wait much longer than the recommended 10 minutes to have any results. Here were our results.

So the tissue paper could have been my problem. I didn’t buy it from the dollar store, but it still did not work as well as I would have hoped. However, my son had a blast spraying the spray bottle and he liked sticking the tissue to it. So if you find better tissue paper, your little ones might really enjoy this.

Shaving Cream and Food Coloring

The second way of dying eggs that we tried was actually from a facebook video I saw (here is a similar idea) and it involved shaving cream, a pan to put it in, food coloring, and some toothpicks (we couldn’t find the toothpicks so we used plastic spoons). You basically spray the shaving cream into the tin, smooth it out with a spatula or something, place drops of the food coloring in the shaving cream, and then slightly mix the colors with the toothpick. I ended up doing a sort of tic-tac-toe pattern when I “mixed” them. Then you take the egg and roll it around in the shaving cream. Here are our results:

These turned out so fun! They were not as marble as I was thinking, but still really pretty. I think my toddler really had fun with this one because he loved to just drop the egg into the shaving cream. But this can make a huge mess and stain their hands and anything they touch, so be careful with this.

Rice and Food Coloring

The third idea can be found on Kid Friendly Things To Do and was thought up as an alternative to the shaving cream idea. You take a small bag and fill it with some rice. Then you take whatever food coloring colors you want and add a few drops to the rice. I noticed a little goes a long way. Then you drop the egg in, seal the bag, and shake it around. I’ll be honest and admit that I did not think this was going to work out very well. But I absolutely loved how these turned out! Here they are!

These surprised me and were probably one of my favorites. My toddler loved shaking up the bags, so this is also a fun one for little ones. But again, since you are using food coloring, be careful of it staining.

Paper Towels and Food Coloring

The last idea was actually really interesting. (See it on Crafty Morning) We used paper towels and wrapped them tight around the eggs and then tied them with a rubber band. Then you drop different colors of the food coloring onto the paper towel. When you are done, you spray the paper towel with water and let it dry before removing it. We ended up experimenting with a water/vinegar mixture and noticed that that created much more vibrant colors than just the water. Here are our results!

It was really interesting to see these! I think we were all surprised when we saw how pretty these came out and we then rushed to try out different color patterns. I really liked how the paper towel pattern was on the egg as well. I actually did not have my toddler help with this one because he was pretty much done at that point. But I'm sure he would have loved to help drop the colors onto the paper towel and like I said before, he had a blast spraying the spray bottle, so he would have loved that.

So there you have it! Have you dyed eggs yet this year? I hope you will try out one of these ideas because they really were so fun!

Happy Easter!


  1. This is so cool! I will definitely be trying this this weekend! thanks for the tips!!

  2. I love how these eggs look!! Such cool ideas!

  3. I will have to save this for next year when my son is a little older! Such good ideas, makes me want to keep the Easter holiday alive for a few more days!

  4. I loved this so much I had to pin it! Happy Easter mama!

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