4 Hair Styles to Wear with a Hat

Hey ya’ll! How are you doing? We have been enjoying our summer. Living in Southern California, it doesn’t start cooling down until October, but I have decided not to complain and to just think of it as extra time to spend swimming with my son (he went from somewhat enjoying the pool to absolutely loving it this year so I’ve been trying to take him as much as possible).

Today’s post idea came to me because of my love of wearing hats and a comment from a friend who said she likes the idea of wearing hats, but never knows what to do with her hair that actually looks cute and not like she isn’t trying. So, here are 4 ways to style your hair with a hat! In these pictures, my hair hits a little below my shoulders. I have since cut it even shorter and I can still do all of these!

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Hair Down

Ok, this first one seems obvious. I probably do this the most and it is usually because I don't want to bother with styling my hair that day, ha! But this does look super cute and you can curl your hair, straighten it, or just let it air dry and not use any heat tools on it.

Messy Low side bun

This is my second favorite way to wear my hair with a hat. If my hair is looking particularly crazy that morning, this is a great way to gather it all up and end up with a messy bun that actually looks cute and looks like you put in some effort that morning.

This style is also great if you just got out of the pool or if it is raining and you don’t want to deal with crazy hair from the humidity. ;)

French braid into two messy buns

This one was a little out of my comfort zone and I only tried it the first time when I knew we were going swimming and I didn’t want my hair all over the place. But I actually really liked it. The braid helps keep the hair in place and the messy buns are just a cute little addition at the end. Though you could do this style without the braid as well since you won’t even be able to see it with the hat on.

Ponytail/Messy Bun pulled through the hat

Don't mind that crazy hair stuck under my earring...I'm not sure how that happened haha. This is my least favorite style but probably the one I end up doing the most due to the 100+ degree weather. It’s the best and fastest way to get your hair up and off of you. You can do a ponytail like I did in the photo or you can even do a messy bun.

Well, that’s all I have for you today. I am working on getting together my fall capsule to show you guys here on the blog. I know it’s been a while since I’ve done one and fall is usually my favorite capsule, so I figured it was time!

I hope you enjoy the rest of the warm weather before it gets too cold. Let me know if you have any more questions or if you have any other hair styles that you like to wear with a hat!

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