Summer Wardrobe Remix Challenge-10 Pieces; 11 Outfits

Aww, wardrobe challenges. A year and a half ago, I had never even heard of such a thing. Now, I have completed two and am looking forward to doing more in the future.

Last fall I participated in Unfancy's wardrobe challenge and I loved how it helped me view my wardrobe and to learn to be content with the items that I already had in my closet. This summer wardrobe remix challenge is a 10x10 challenge. Meaning, you choose 10 items of clothing that you then wear over the next 10 days, therefore, creating 10 different outfits (I threw in one extra because I was excited about it, haha)

I already had a summer capsule wardrobe, so I just pulled my 10 items from that. I did not intend on making almost all of my items a member of the blue family, but apparently that's what I have the majority of in my wardrobe currently. ;)

Here are the 10 items that I chose.

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I chose:

  • 5 tops (1tank, 2 tees, 1 blouse, and 1 button up)

  • 3 bottoms (2 shorts, 1 skirt)

  • 1 dress

  • 1 pair of shoes

I tried to challenge myself a little with my items. I had this skirt in my capsule but hardly ever wore it, so I wanted to add it to see what outfits I could come up with and to hopefully remind myself why I put it in my capsule wardrobe to begin with. The white blouse I bought back in the spring and had only worn maybe twice. I remember loving it at the store and when I had tried it on and had a ton of ideas with how to wear it, but for some reason I never grabbed it. So I was hoping that adding it would help me figure out a few ways to wear it as well.

Ok, so on to my 11 outfits!

Outfit 1: It was my birthday so I thought the balloon would be fitting ;) Also, I never wear this dress by itself like this, so I wanted to try it out in my challenge. I liked it a lot, but I typically feel more comfortable in something with a bit more of a sleeve. Just a personal preference.
Dress (Old from Old Navy) Similar, Shoes (Walmart) similar

Outfit 2: Perfect for running errands and hanging out at the house (aka doing housework/keeping my toddler alive ;)) 
Tank top (old navy), shorts (old from old navy) similar, headband (old scarf I never wore and cut to fit my head :) )

Outfit 3: So if you don't know, I really like hats! They are perfect for making an outfit look more complete, they are cute, and they are really good at hiding unwashed hair ;)
Hat (Nordstorm) similar, Shirt (Old Navy), Shorts (Old Navy)

Outfit 4: I'm not sure how I feel about this color combo. I feel like the rebellious person at a gender reveal party who was supposed to wear the color of the gender they guessed, haha. But I like how the tie on the side gives this outfit a bit of a different look than on day 2.
Earrings (Nickel & Suede), Shirt (Old from Walmart!) Old Navy

Outfit 5: I really liked this outfit! It could easily be dressed down a little more without the necklace and even with some cute converse or something. ;) And of course, in true Sheila fashion, I had to add the hat!
Hat (old) similar, skirt (old from Old Navy) similar

Outfit 6: Like I said, this shirt intimidated me so that's why I waited until day 6 to wear it, ha! I like how it dressed up my shorts outfit. We actually went car shopping this day and this outfit was cute and very comfortable while we sat and filled out all that paperwork for my new soccer mom car! :)
Earrings (Target), Lace top (Old Navy)

Outfit 7: I've always loved dressing up for church, and this outfit was perfect for a summer Sunday morning. I especially loved the pop of bright pink lipstick.
Button up (old from Old Navy and I cut the sleeves and collar off)

Outfit 8: This was probably my favorite outfit! I love the tie on the top, the colors, and of course, the hat! Perfect Monday outfit :)

Outfit 9: I have a hard time with tucking in my shirts, I always have. I don't mind it so much with skirts, but it was still out of my comfort zone. But that's part of why I love doing wardrobe challenges is it helps me try something that is a little out of my normal comfort zone.

Outfit 10: This was probably my least favorite outfit. I am not a huge fan of wearing button ups this way (I'd prefer wearing them open over something or tied higher up over a dress like I did on Day 7. The tie at the bottom was how I tried to make myself a bit more comfortable with the outfit, but still, I didn't totally love it...but that's part of the wardrobe challenge process, right! Finding what works for you and what doesn't!

Bonus outfit! I'm surprised I never actually wore this during the challenge. This was the outfit I had imagined in my head when I chose this top to be in the 10 items. I love wearing this blouse over a dress. I knotted the top and loved the outcome!

Have you ever done a wardrobe challenge? Would you be willing to try one? It's not that difficult and is really very fun! And the only way you could "fail" the challenge is by not even doing it at all! So what do you have to lose? ;) Please let me know if you try it, I'd love to hear how it went for you!

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