4 Tips to Decorate your Christmas Tree with your Toddler

 It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Well inside anyway; it was still 80 degrees outside this past weekend!

Now that thanksgiving is over, I spent a day taking down all of my fall decorations and cleaning the house. Then it was 100% focus on Christmas! This is our first Christmas in our new apartment so I was pretty excited to figure out where we wanted the Christmas tree. This is also the first year that our 2 ½ year old seems more aware of what is going on. He recognized the Christmas tree decorations and got very excited to put up the tree.

*Tree Classics gifted me this tree in exchange for a post, but as always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

This is also our first year having a huge (7.5 ft) Christmas tree. Tree Classics was kind enough to partner with me and they sent us a gorgeous Classic Fraiser Fir that was delivered to our doorstep! Over the past few years we have used a 5 ft tree so this was a huge change! One thing that I love about this tree is that it has the “real feel” branches. We’ve always been fake tree people (we love real, but fake was easier and more cost effective for us in the long run). But I love that Tree Classics has fake trees that look AND feel real! (Really you guys, it is absolutely gorgeous!) I also love how easy the set up is and that it is pre lit! There is nothing I hate more than putting lights on the tree (I’m super picky so it’s easier if it already has lights on it, haha). It looks absolutely gorgeous in our living room and I can’t wait to use it for years to come.

Ok, moving on to my 4 tips for decorating a Christmas tree with a toddler!

Get them Excited to Decorate!
The first thing you need to do is get them really excited about decorating the tree. This year was easy. He saw the mini tree we have and he remembered from last year what it was and he got very excited! When we pointed out that the bigger tree was in the large box that had been delivered to our house, his eyes got wide and he started trying to open the box.

Keep them distracted while you set the tree up.
I intended to put up our gorgeous 7.5 ft Classic Fraiser Fir from Tree Classics while he was napping. But since we put our tree up on Sunday, his nap is always different than it usually is due to him falling asleep on the way home from church.
So, since he was awake, we actually let him play with some of the decorations. He loved the mini tree and the wood slice ornaments. He also loves boxes so he was emptying our decoration boxes and trying to climb inside.
A few other ways that you can keep them distracted if you don’t want them running around until the tree is sturdy is to play Christmas music and encourage them to dance or a even put on a fun Christmas movie.

Let them hang the ornaments!
Let them have fun with this. We had a pile of ornaments that were totally safe for him to walk around with and attempt to put on the tree (think no expensive glass ;) I’m not saying you can’t have those with a toddler around, but don’t let them try to hang them…trust me, about half of the ones he tried to hang ended up falling) Don't worry if it’s not perfect! I didn’t worry that he wanted to place all the ornaments right next to each other and that half of them were simply placed on the branches. It’s just about having fun all together and making memories. (Later after the kids go to bed is when you can then rearrange things to space them out a bit more ;) )

Once he was finished decorating the tree, we sat down and drank a cup of hot cocoa and talked about how pretty the tree looked in our living room. 

It was such a fun afternoon decorating our tree! I am looking forward to many more memories being made this holiday season! I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

Here is a little video of us decorating our tree!

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