Family Summer Goals

Have you ever woken up early on a gorgeous morning and thought to yourself, how is it already (fill in the blank)?

I did that this morning. I woke up at 5:30am to use the restroom (hello pregnancy!) and it hit me, it was almost summer! We have been having gorgeous weather here lately (like in the 80s….where its normally over 100 degrees in the summer) and I’m sad to say we haven’t been taking advantage of it as much as I wish we had.

So, I knew I wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep, so I got up to start the coffee and spend some time with Jesus. After that I decided to make a plan for our summer….our last summer as a family of 3! You can think of it kind of like a bucket list or a to-do list, but I’m mostly using this as a space to write out my thoughts (pregnancy brain has not been kind to me this time, haha) and ideas for this summer before we welcome our baby girl.

Summer Family Plan:

If you’ve been a long time follower/reader here you may know that I use an online preschool curriculum with my son here at home. We are finishing up on his last week of the Year 2 plan next week! After a week or 2 break, I plan to jump right in to Year 3 in order to get a good head start so when our baby joins us in September I am not feeling like we are getting too behind on this. I am hoping to get him up to the Thanksgiving lessons so we can start back up in November after baby sister comes.
One thing I’ve always wanted to be careful with this preschool thing is not making it stressful for either of us. Which is why I LOVE the curriculum. (Check it out here) It is a learning through play style of preschool and we both love that. But during this summer I want it to be even more relaxed.

Summer Fun:
·      Go to the Beach
·      Eat meals outside
·      Swim as much as we can
·      Fly a kite (we got one for our son for his birthday and still haven’t used it!)
·      Watch fireworks
·      Do another summer photo shoot with my son
·      Family maternity photos
·      Make popsicles
·      Lunch at the park with friends
·      Pizza and a movie night
·      S’mores!!!
·      Water balloons
·      Get outside!!!

·      Read the book on labor that I got a while ago
·      Take another birthing class? (still not sure on this)
·      Sewing! I have been making a ton of baby bows and bonnets for my girl!
·      Declutter! Paper is a huge thing with this. We have so much paperwork lying around our house. I also need to get rid of things or move them around to help make space for our baby girl and all the tiny baby things that come with having a baby.
·      Prep and freeze a few quick meals for those early months (including baking a few things!)
·      Make a new batch of laundry soap
·      Empty and back up memory cards to make space for all the baby pictures I’ll be taking ;) (Probably should add purchase another memory card, haha)
·      Make a few fun “quiet time” activities for my toddler to do while I’m nursing
·      Save money!!! For all those unexpected baby expenses

On the daily:
This is a little category that I like to add mostly to keep myself from feeling like I’m just going through the motions and not actually stopping and enjoying my days. However, if this category simply becomes another checklist during the days then it loses the whole purpose of it.
·      Enjoy my quiet mornings by myself before baby comes
·      Enjoy HOT coffee and quiet moments with Jesus
·      Play worship music
·      Diffuse a yummy smelling essential oil
·      Take advantage of naptime: read a book, work on sewing crafts, enjoy the quiet
·      Get on the floor and play with my toddler
·      Read Bible stories with my toddler
·      Get outside!

Well, if you have made it to the end of this post, I hope you have enjoyed it and that it maybe inspired you to take a look at your own life and goals. I honestly just found myself stuck in that mindset of “I just want our baby girl to get here already!!” that I don’t stop to enjoy each day that is right in front of me. It is crazy to think that we have only 3 and a half months before she will be joining our family! But until then, I want to be intentional with my time that is just the 3 of us. I don’t want to look forward to the future so much that I forget to live in the present.

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