DockATot Review

Hey everyone! It feels like forever since I have sat down and written a post. I’m either feeding or rocking a baby or using the spare 5 minutes I’ve found to shower or make something for everyone to eat, haha.

Baby girl is now almost 8 weeks old! I seriously can’t believe how quickly time is passing since her birth. She is an absolute dream baby, but we laugh because she is totally chill until she wants to be fed and then she wants it RIGHT AWAY! (kinda similar to her birth….when she was ready, she was ready, haha)
I received product compliment of DockATot

I am still getting used to having two children. I do honestly feel that this transition has been so much easier than transitioning to one child, anyone else feel that way? But it has been so nice having my husband home and being able to just focus on our children and enjoying each other. He goes back to work next week and I am honestly pretty nervous about doing everything on my own (especially bedtime with a baby who pretty much just wants to be held and rocked all evening). But I know that I’ll get better at it as time goes by.

One thing that I know will be super helpful with naps and bedtime is our DockATot Deluxe, which is designed for ages 0-8 months. Baby girl loves to sleep in the DockATot and I love that she feels so cozy in it. The DockATot is a multi-functional lounger and co-sleeper. When she was not even a week old, we would put the DockATot in the middle of our bed and that is where she slept at night. I loved that she could be so close but that she had her own little space as well.
She now sleeps in the crib at night and uses her DockATot for naps (if we are not holding her and getting all the sleepy cuddles) She naps so well in the DockATot that I think it almost feels to her that she is still being held. It is the ideal micro-climate for babies (and toddlers in the Grande!). It is made with all natural 100% cotton and has been tested for breathability. Which is super important for me when looking for something for my baby to sleep in! I especially love that the cover can be removed and washed because blowouts, haha.
Now that she is getting older, she also loves to lounge in the DockATot with her baby play gym above it. It is nice to have a safe place to put her especially since we have a two-story apartment and I don't always want to run upstairs to put her in her crib if I need to lay her down somewhere. She has a safe place to nap downstairs so we can keep a close eye on her.

I hope this review was helpful for you! If it was, please pin this image so that it might be able to help other new mamas.

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