Hello everyone! Glad you stopped by. Here is a little about me. I was raised in a godly home and asked Christ to be my Savior at a very young age. I spent much of my childhood doing church activities (AWANA, Sunday School, Youth group, Vacation Bible School, Summer Camp).

I made a life changing decision right before my freshman year of high school to go to a private Christian Academy and can honestly say that I am where I am today because of that decision (and of course the many that followed due to that one choice.) Going to that school allowed me to focus on my relationship with Christ more than trying to keep up with the crowd.

I met my husband in my church’s high school youth group. I had just had my heart broken by a childhood crush the year before so I finally felt like I looked around and saw the man who is now my husband for the first time (although according to him, we had met MANY years before…I can honestly say I have ZERO memory of him before high school, ha! Sorry, babe)

Long story short, we began talking and fell in love and were married the year after I graduated from high school. I was a month away from turning 19 and he was only 20. I love being able to tell people that I married my high school sweetheart :)

Fast-forward 3 years later and we found out we were expecting our first child! We had a son in March of 2015 and he has been such a huge blessing in our life. We are continually learning more and more about this whole parenting thing, and while it is hard at many times, we wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING!

So anyway, a little more about me.

  • I am a stay at home mom. I went back to work for one month when my son was only 3 months old and it was so hard for me, for him, and for my husband. So, we decided that the best thing is for me to stay home. I am so blessed that my husband is doing everything in his power to make it so I can stay home with our boy. See my thoughts on being a mom here.

  • I am a partially self taught photographer. I did graduate from New York Institute of Photography’s Professional Photographer course in May 2015! I LOVE that I have the ability to capture EVERYTHING in my son’s life. I think I have picked up my camera more in my son's first year than I have ever before in my life.

  • I have a problem with using too much mascara and lipstick (CAN’T leave the house without those two!) Check out my 5 minute makeup post!

  • On that same note, I buy WAY too much lipstick!

  • I have a slight problem with buying too many coffee cups and note cards (I probably have 10 different sets of thank you cards and 5 sets of blank cards in my desk right now)

  • I love shopping, Starbucks coffee, and wearing boots and scarves in the winter. (Ha! Typical girl, right?! ;))

  • I love to plan a good party (I began planning my son’s first birthday since he was about 4 months old…) See his airplane party here!

  • I love a good DIY, but sometimes try to do more than I can handle (probably a good thing I began planning his birthday so soon so I would have enough time to do all the crafts I want to do for that ;))

  • I love to bake, but since I’m the only one in the house who will eat it, I try not to do it very often…plus, who has the time with a toddler in the house.

  • I try my best to be healthy (by working out and eating somewhat healthily) so I can keep up with my busy son. But I’ve always struggled with starting a workout plan and then putting it off and eventually forgetting about it.

  • I hate running or any workout that involves lots of jumping. I would rather do barre or yoga.

  • I have WAY too much clothes and shoes, but am working on shopping less and minimizing. I created my first capsule wardrobe in December 2015 and I have LOVED how that has changed getting dressed in the mornings! You can see how I created my capsule wardrobe here.

  • I stress out if my house is too messy. Therefore, I am constantly cleaning and will most likely apologize to you for the “mess” if you come over. I’ve had multiple people ask me what mess I am referring to, so I guess my standards for clean are a little too high.

  • I strive to have a clean sink every night before bed because there is nothing better than having an empty clean sink when you wake up in the morning. But, I hate doing dishes…ha!

  • I LOVE having fresh flowers in my house!

  • I enjoy learning more about interior design and have loved having my own home to decorate and design.

  • I love having a good bible study to follow. I have done the “Read the Bible in a Year” plans before and have always struggled with all the reading. My mind ends up wandering and I feel like I don’t learn as much as when I have a study to follow that asks me questions about what I just read.

  • I love reading! (I unfortunately have not had much time to read since my son was born, but am trying to make some time while he naps!) Lately my reading list has been on all things parenting, but I love a good educational book and some young adult fiction here and there (as I write this I am looking at a stack of YA fiction books on my book shelf that I have yet to read…maybe I like them a little more than I give credit for.)

  • I spend WAY too much time on Instagram.

  • I wear too much color… just kidding, my closet is basically all neutrals. ;)

  • And, lastly, I hope that this blog will be an encouragement to you and might entertain you a little!

So there you have it…. A “little” about me :)

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